Commercial kitchen rental for the startup caterer

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Let’s just say that the startup caterer has a number of things on his plate right now. He does not have the head start that many established rivals may already have. In order to contain costs as far as possible, he may just have to consider hiring for a while, even as far as the knives and forks, dinner plates and dinner services are concerned. It could be a while before he is able to afford to purchase all of his own apparatus.

It will probably also make good business sense to hire the hands as well. That is until such time as you can establish your own catering team who believes in your artistry and is prepared to journey with you over the long term. Other staff factors, such as waiting staff, will, on the other hand, always need to be hired. Down the line, you can always factor in an exceptional maitre d to run operations on your behalf while you supervise matters in the heat of the kitchen.

And there you go; you still need your kitchen.

In regard to the above set table example, any established caterer will probably tell you that it is far more cost effective and practical to hire the table apparatus for any one catering event. You save on time and space at your own business premises, but you do need to be served promptly and efficiently by a reliable service provider. The established caterer already has his own kitchen by now. For the new business practitioner it could also be well worth considering a temporary commercial kitchen rental for now.

This could save you time and money until such time you know which way the oven fan’s wind will be blowing for your business.